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Investment Advisor Representative - IAR

Those who wish to work as financial advisors, to either manage assets or provide financial advice to clients, can take one of two basic approaches: They can either be sponsored by a broker-dealer and become licensed under FINRA regulations to become a stockbroker, or, they can register directly with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) as an investment advisor before providing professional investment advice. The first step to becoming an IAR is to pass the Series 65 (Uniform Investment advisor Law) exam. The exam covers federal securities laws and other topics related to investment advice. Most firms register as a corporation, with each employee acting as a representative of the investment advisor (IARs). Registered Investment advisors enjoy greater freedom than their counterparts in the industry who work on commission. They are also required to adhere to a much higher standard of conduct.

Randall A. Kamps, IAR

Randall A Kamps (Randy) has spent the bulk of his career serving in many capacities within the financial services sector. His experiences…successes and failures… have been and can be a benefit to the clients of IAM, inc. You may review his resume by clicking on the link below. We’d like to emphasize that as a holistic planner Randy draws upon that great wealth of experience as he walks alongside clients on their financial life journey.

The concept of walking along side is somewhat unique as opposed to leading or following. Randy doesn’t tell you what to do; he truly listens and then lays out your options, then acts as a sounding board allowing you to make informed decisions that best suit you. In so doing you’re much better apt to find the financial peace you deserve.